Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kindergarteners take apart boxes

Today Kindergarten scientists took apart a cardboard box to see how it was put together.  They noticed that a cardboard box can be made from one single piece of cardboard.  They also noted how the cardboard had been cut and folded to make the box.

Kindergarten scientists used this information to start making their own paper boxes.  Many of them took the paper home to finish.

Parents, please help your Kindergarten scientist by asking them to explain how boxes are made.  Let them show you how to fold the paper and only help if necessary.  Let them try to figure out how to put a box together on their own.

Taking things apart and putting them back together are essential to learning at this age.  In fact, I would argue that taking things apart and putting them back together is essential at any age.

Baby L would like to remind everyone to always play inside the box.


  1. Dear Mr.L, Baby L is very cute!I wonder how baby L got into the box?I think that it wouldn't fit in for Baby L !!!!!!!!Love Nandy and Ivy

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  3. Hi Nandy and Ivy,

    Thank you for your note. Baby L was placed into the box by Mrs. L.

    We want him to explore everything around him. He learns by exploring and playing, the same as you.

    He's definitely bigger than the box but he had a good time playing in it. Cardboard boxes are now one of his favorite toys!

    Have a good night,

    Mr. L