Friday, April 29, 2011

moldy oobleck

Something incredible happened over Spring Break!

After exploring oobleck in the days before break, I dumped most of it in the trash and washed out the plastic bins . . . but I missed one.

Twelve days later I find a bin by the sink with stuff growing in it.  Taking a closer look, I saw that it was mold.

Somehow a rubber band found its way into the bin over Spring Break as well.

So I did what any science teacher would do, I had the First Grade Scientists observe it, record it, and try to figure out what happened to the oobleck.

Some of their initial descriptions of the surface were great.  They said:
- It looks like Jupiter with those spots on it.
- It looks like it is decaying.  That means it's starting to rot.
- It looks like a planet that has been destroyed. 
- It looks like the Earth after it got hit by asteroids.
- It looks like outer space.
- It looks like the moon, with lots of craters. 

The fact that many of these descriptions are space-related makes me very happy.  It means that the interest in space lives on.

The First Grade Scientists loved it.  They were especially interested in how only the top of the oobleck was moldy but the bottom looked fine.

NOTE:  Moldy items should be handled with care.  Do no touch it or sniff it - some molds can cause allergic reactions.  Throw out any food with mold on it and clean the area where the food was stored.

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