Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Exploding pumpkins

Every now and then I'll post something that really has very little connection to what we're doing in class.  However, it's fun. 

Many of you who know me well, know that I try to have as much fun as possible in everything I do.

So, I bring to you the incredible Exploding Pumpkins:

Warning: DO NOT try this at home!


  1. Hi Mr. L! I miss seeing you in your lab coat around! I thought of you today-my kids wrote a letter to the science teacher about the ladybug they caught and why our classroom spider won't eat it! Hope all is well at TALES! :D

  2. For the third pumpkin in that cool "exploding the pumpkins" video,the left eye wasn't blown out,but they poked it out with their fingers.For the second pumpkin,they totally missed the nose.Plus...THEIR LAUGHTER IS SOOOOOOOOOO FAKE!!!!!!It was a cool video though.