Sunday, January 5, 2014

we made it snow!

In a time of advancing technology and infinitely accessible information, we sometimes lose the magic of childhood. As a parent, I do my best to integrate the beauty of magic in my son's life. As a science teacher, I'll throw it in at times to challenge our students' thinking but also for the sheer fun of it.

On Thursday, meteorologists were predicting 5 to 9 inches of snow in the New York City area. After teaching my young scientists about storm systems, I also taught them magic tricks to make a snow day happen.

If you search for it, there are dozens of tricks out there. Here are my favorites:
1) Wear your pajamas inside out.
2) Place a spoon under your pillow.
3) Throw ice cubes down the toilet and flush them.
4) Place a white crayon in the freezer.
5) Spin 5 times in one direction, then 5 times in the other direction.

My son, Santiago, and I did all five. We went to bed thinking magic thoughts. Then, when we woke up... MAGIC! The city was blanketed in snow and the Mayor and Chancellor had called for a snow day. We celebrated with a little dance and played all day.

My son believes in magic. Do you?


  1. thank you mr L DIEGO and his little brother DAVID make magic too following all 5 steps thank you ;]

  2. Hello this is so cool
    -Vini (WINNIE THE POO)